The Directorate of Open, Distance and E-Learning

The Directorate of Open, Distance and E-Learning (ODEL, the most recent addition to our university family, was constituted in December 2022. It is charged with the responsibility of the initiating, implementing and sustaining Open, Distance and e-Learning curriculum within South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU). The goal of the directorate is therefore to develop interactive modules which seku odel1will be uploaded in the university Learning Management System.
As we all are aware, distance learning is a self-directed form of learning where students are provided with learning materials (modules) and study independently with minimal interaction with the lecturer (asynchronous). The directorate of ODeL has opted to initiate their activities with this mode of study because it aims to broaden access to educational opportunities for individuals disadvantaged by traditional Face-to-Face (F2F) modes of study prevalent in educational institutions worldwide. Through this mode of study, the directorate will leverage technology to facilitate communication between lecturers and their learners, as well as foster interaction among learners.
The targeted learners will access learning materials from remote locations, far removed geographically from SEKU’s campuses. This mode of learning presents a viable option for individuals who are formally or informally employed, facing time constraints that prevent them from pursuing education through regular study modes. It will benefit people who are economically disadvantaged and would struggle to afford travel expenses, or a remote worker who would otherwise miss out from a physical classroom. Distance learning stands as a means of levelling the educational playing ground, offering unparalleled flexibility to its participants. seku odel2In our pursuit of efficiency, the directorate opted to pilot the distance learning mode of study with three degree programme namely; Bachelor of Education (Arts), Master of Education and Master of Business Administration. Further the Directorate adopted a champion-based or Trainers of Trainers model. A select group of lecturers, nominated by the Deans of the schools in which the pilot programmes are domiciled, went through a rigorous training session between 11th and 17th of October 2023. During the training they were equipped with the skills to write e-content and they, in turn, will train their peers. This approach is not only cost-effective but also ensures continuity and sustainability. It allows for customized training tailored to the specific goals and culture of our institution. The champions, whose dedication and expertise are commendable, will remain invaluable resource for future training initiatives.

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