South Eastern Kenya University Prospective Students

The University indeed offers great opportunities for young people to realize their dreams and potentials. Our activities shall promote moral uprightness, respect, social and academic coherence. Some of the activities we would like to be involved in include:

  • Promoting tolerance, understanding and ‘unity in diversity’ among students as a source of strength,
  • Promoting awareness about HIV/AIDS, drug and substance abuse and other social issues impacting on students’ lives.
  • Promoting environmental awareness among the student community as well as the local community,
  • Promoting girl child education among members of the local community and demonstrating that ‘girls can do it’,
  • Organizing visits and activities with the less fortunate members of the local community e.g. visiting children’s homes, hospitals, prisons etc.

We look forward to everyone’s support

Make the most of your time at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) by having an active and interesting student life.