Inter/intra School Transfers

Inter/Intra-School transfers are processed within the first three weeks of the semester.

Students should note that transfers are only offered on two conditions if;
1.    There is a vacant place in the intended Destination School or Institute.
2.    The student meets the requisite admission criteria for the particular course.

In addition, merit is used as criteria for transfer and that all applicants to a particular course will be ranked and allocated the vacant position on merit. A student wishing to transfer will be required to fill in the Inter/Intra-School transfer application form which is available at the Dean’s office. The form must be completed and returned within the stipulated time.
Students who will have succeeded in their application for transfer will receive an official letter of transfer from the Registrar (ASA)  and will be expected to report and register in their new courses latest by the fourth week of the semester. It is important for students to note that all Inter/Intra-School transfers are subject to approval by the Deans Committee and that once the transfers have been approved the exercise is closed and no late applications or appeals are considered.

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