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Timetable generator system

A timetable is kind of schedule that sets out time

specific events are likely to occur. It is very essentially so as to avoid collision and confusion in real life. It is a very tedious job to do Despite it being essential it is very hard and complicated to create. If done manually it can take a long time even weeks to plan a large educational establishment.The purpose of this research was to come up with an automatic timetable generator system that will enable planners to easily schedule classes depending on the availability of lecturers and lecture rooms and reduce conflicts between classes and venues.A timetable is NP-hard problem. The researcher will used Genetic algorithm to come up with a timetable that utilizes available resources and considering variables such as lecturers availability,size of the class and number of students taking the unit.The timetable planner first enters the rooms and their capacity, then the timeslots, then units which contain the lecturers teaching the units, groups taking the units and the number of students taking that unit. The timetable generator system then assigns the rooms and time using the genetic
algorithm. In case of any collision, it runs in generations until it finds the best fit.