Welcome to School of Information & Communication Technology

The School boasts of a strong faculty with diverse specializations. Our programmes have been constantly reviewed to maintain a vibrant curriculum that reflects the current trends and needs of the dynamic field of computing.

The programmes are designed to give students flexibility to pursue one or more areas of concentration with the broad field of ICT and Computer Science, according to their interests. The School of ICT is a hub of innovation and scientific discovery. We are particularly proud of the graduates of our programmes many of whom find acceptance in the job market both in Kenya and abroad. An appreciable number has also started own companies. The School has a strong tradition of collaboration across disciplinary and organisational boundaries, dedication to education and close ties to industry.

The School has two departments, the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Telecommunications and Information Technology. We have three academic programmes which are, BSc Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology and MSc Information Systems.